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  H-100 series is a range of portable devices for measuring the Brix level of fruit still hanging on the tree. The fruit does not have to be picked or cut open. The H-100 is an NIR spectrometer which measures sweetness, dry matter, colour etc. thus helping to determine the ideal harvest time, ensure uniformity in batches.

It can also be used along the supply chain and at POS. The series currently comprises variation models for various fruit, apple, pears, orange, mandarin, etc. The device can be individually calibrated and is thus a useful tool in a wide variety of situations.

  • H-100C

    Mandarin, Kiwifruits, Plum

  • H-100F

    Apple, Pear, Peach, Orange

  • H-100M


Product Advantages
  • Light weight handheld style instrument
  • Easy to use and convenient assessment
  • SUNFOREST’s exclusive electro-optic technology
  • Reliable stability, repeatability and accuracy
  • Individual tree or area manageable by built-in RFID reader
  • PLSR Model building program
Potential Uses
  • Pre-harvest Ripeness Judgment
    for growers
  • Post-harvest Quality Inspection
    for packing house and supply chains
  • Rapid analysis of large samples and reduce
    variability in experiments for R&D lab.