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  • Growers (H-100 user)
    • On-tree harvesting quality evaluation
    • Crop harvesting management program
    • Data uploading to internet server via
  • User’s Smartphone
    • Data monitoring & analysis
  • Server
    • Integrated Management Server centralizes crop harvest data from farmers and provides relevant info to clients
    • Produce outlet,crop agency, retailer
    • Monitoring crop growing activities
FCIS homepage

This FCIS service is provided for Korean domestic clients only, for the moment. Overseas clients service not provided yet

How to work with FCIS Service

RFID number tag

  • Fasten the RFID tag to a certain tree in the orchard.
    Activate RFID reading function at H-100 device.
    By approaching H-100 to RFID tag, it can read the tag number and displays
    it on the H-100.
  • To read multiple number of fruits in a single tree, user applies RFID tag
    reading only once. To read another RFID tree tag or move on to the
    next tag, user scans the RFID tag of the target.

Data upload onto FCIS home page by smartphone or PC

  • Activate Bluetooth function at H-100 and interface with smartphone (or USB connection for PC)
  • Open Smartphone App. and read data stored in H-100 (or User Program at PC).
  • Upload data onto FCIS home page by Smartphone App. (or User Program at PC)

Fruits cultivating information system

FCIS is an integrated data management server and centralizes crop
harvest data from growers and provides relevant info to clients.
Measured data are exported to FCIS home page thru PC or smartphone,
and systemically organized in accordance with date of measurement,
fruit quality and attributes i.e. Brix, acidity, dry matter, color , etc.