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Portable Nondestructive Fruit Quality MeterApplicable for Apple, Pear, Peach, Persimmon, Orange, and Grape
Method of measurement Interactance (NIR spectrum 700nm ~ 950nm)
Measurement range 5 ~ 25 Brix % (sugar contents), adjustable
Measurement speed 2.0 seconds
Battery hours over 2,000 scans
Accuracy of measurement Correlation coefficient R² : above 0.75,
Standard Error (SEC) : less 0.5 (Brix)
Data storage Up to 1,000 measurements
Model built-in Max 5 models stored in the device
Data interface USB 2.0 (PC), Bluetooth 2.0(Smartphone)
RFID reader Built in (RFID tag optionally supplied)
Operating temp 5℃∼35℃, 85 %RH (specific to spectrometer)
Power source Li-ion battery (Charger DC12V/1.5A)
Weight 450 g (main instrument without head cap)
SUNFOREST User Program

User Program and PLSR Program

User Program is provided to monitor and analyze the measured data stored in H-100. User can transfer the data from H-100 into the PC. Also this program can be used to update new parameter into the H-100 instrument.
PLSR Program is provided to generate a Calibration Model.
Calibration results may be affected by various factors variety of cultivar, plant environment, seasonal change, growing time, temperature, etc. A standard model provided with H-100 could be accurately working to user’s fruit sample due to environment reasons. In this case, user can either adjust or newly create their own calibration model by the provided PLSR Program.
H-100 References
Fruits Cultivating Information System

This FCIS service is provided for Korean domestic clients only, for the moment. Overseas clients service not provided yet.

Included items Remark
Main device H-100 device
Head cap Teflon material
Desktop stand Available by option
Power charger -
USB cable Mini USB
USB memory(4GB) User program, User manual
cleaning kit -
User manual -
Storage case -
RFID tag Available by option