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Pocket-type Fruit Scanner
Applicable for small fruits like grape, blueberry, and so on...
Method of measurement Interactance (NIR spectrum 700nm ~ 950nm)
Measurement range 5 ~ 25 Brix % (sugar contents), adjustable
Measurement speed 2.0 seconds
Battery hours over 2,000 scans
Accuracy of measurement Correlation coefficient R² : above 0.75,
Standard Error (SEC) : less 0.5 (Brix)
Data interface Micro USB (PC), Bluetooth (Smartphone)
Operating temp 5℃∼35℃, 85 %RH (specific to spectrometer)
Power Li-ion battery (micro USB charge)
Weight (dimension) less 100g ( 110 x 40 x 22 mm)
What is P-100 fruit scanner?
P-100 fruit scanner incorporates a miniature NIR spectrometer and light source.
Light source illuminates the sample, and Spectrometer collects the light reflected from the sample and produces a spectrum which is including the information required to capture interaction between projected light and molecules in the sample. Spectrum data implies quality of the subject sample.
Using mobile App. interface, the spectrum data of a sample is transmitted from P-100 scanner to the Sunforest analysis engine on cloud server. This engine analyses the spectrum data, comparing it to reference data base and running it through the Sunforest algorithm. The analyzed output is interpreted into the quality(Brix level)
of the sample and downloaded to the user’s mobile App.
P-100 is provided with pocket-sized device, affordable price, and easy operation, that can be useful tool for users in a wide variety of situations i.e growers, supply chains, and consumers.

SUNFOREST will develop further applications with P-100 in various fields such as petroleum, health care, food, drug, etc.

How P-100’s analysis system works?